Sunday, January 28, 2007


whew, just posted this to the wrong blog. but here is how my week ended:

bad hair cut for crackers
i'll fill in more later.

Added later:

It was a great weekend. Friday after school I went cross country skiing with some teachers in my building/district. it was a blast! the weather was perfect and the snow was great. and it wasn't nearly as hard as i thought it would be. going uphill seemed sort of backwards to me since i'm a down hill skier, but even that wasn't bad. i know i got a workout but it was really just great fun! i took some photos but not many (i was trying to keep up with the front of the pack!)

oh my gosh though, going down hill in cross country skis is so hard! but so much fun. it was like learning to ski all over again. and i didn't fall once! after skiing we came home and my dad was in butte, so we went to butte to visit him and do some shopping. we came home and emptied out our bathroom because my dad was going to help me paint it on saturday! yay dad!

here's the final project. now, you may not know what it looked like before, but it had weird beige/khaki colored walls. so we painted the ceiling white and the walls this...well...we aren't sure what color it is. we started out with a spring green which was way too bright in our small bathroom. then i went to the store to by other paint and it ended up being torquios it was awful. so i went back to the paint store and we added some green and black and we ended up with this color. i really really dig it. dear husband hated it at first but now he is starting to like it. he told me he gets to pick a new shower curtain and it's going to be a transformer one (i hope he is just kidding!) but i love it, it's like a new bathroom but not nearly as much money! so thanks dad, you're the best!

THEN! on sunday i slept in til like 10, watched tv till 10:30 and cleaned my house. we had some friends come over for dinner tonight and it was such a blast. it's hard to find people to spend time with in anaconda. it's a very close knit (ehhhh--that's the closest to knitting content we're going to get today) community that it's hard to make friends if you aren't from here. so we had adena and scott come over. they're a really fantastic couple. they're quite worldly (adena is from new zealand) so it is nice to have other things to talk about. so it was a nice evening. i made cashew chicken and ice cream sundaes. oh, and roasted asparagus with seasame seeds. it was pretty delicious.

so all in all it was a busy weekend but lots of fun. now its time to study

Thursday, January 25, 2007


i started my library classes this week. i only have three more (all done this semester) and then i'm done. well, then i have an internship at the public library. but no more classes no more books, no more teachers dirty looks! :) bad words coming from a teacher hehehe. so my knitting will slow down considerably. i really hate online courses. and the university of montana's online portal thing (the program you use to take online courses) is really difficult to understand. plus! i was working on homework tonight and realized i don't have one of my text books. so i had to order it from amazone and i'm praying it gets here by monday because the homework is due! i don't think it should be my fault since the university bookstore was out and that's who we should be able to order it from. so hopefully it will be here!

in other news, i have been knitting. i'm working on the funfur hats still. i have one done (grrrrr i need to get my rear in gear! but in my defense, i had two done, and i frogged them because they weren't the right size and i had dropped a couple of stitches and it was driving me nuts! so i frogged them and now i have two done. so i'm off to work on those and watch some tv since i can't do my homework (boooooo too bad!)

Monday, January 08, 2007

ask me about my knitting!

despite my inability to make up my mind about what to knit, i kept myself rather busy this weekend. i completed two, count them two, hats and one half of a pair of mittens. the mittens are late christmas gifts for my sister. and the hats, they were just out of boredom. the pattern was here. i had some yarn in my small stash that i didn't really like (why do i feel the need to buy yarn in colors i'm not fond of?). so i figured knitting a hat with it couldn't be worse than just having it in a ball. so i got to work. turns out, i wasn't too fond of it knit up. but i had to finish? why? well of course i started it thursday night and promised to to a coworker for their daughters birthday on friday. so i sat down and i got to work. let me show you. just too flat and big and floppy. so i had to reknit it. and i did. that's right folks. during the anaconda/hamilton girls basketball game, i knit. and i knit hard. and i came home and knit. and i changed the pattern and decreased 6 stitches every other round rather than every round. and i did the band in a size smaller needle then called for. and i finished the damn thing. i found two of the cutest buttons that were silver and had square holes. and i even wove in all the ends that night. it was amazing knitting for me. and sunday afternoon i gifted it. without taking a pictures. alas. it was a cute hat. so what do i do? i cast on for some mittens. why not? it's sunday morning. the house is picked up (notice i did not say clean, just picked up). i don't have a really stellar mitten pattern. so i ended up with this point mitten. i like my mittens to have nice rounded tops, not pointy. anyone with a pattern that fits that description i would be soooooo greatful to. so i have one mitten without a thumb done. i'm pleased.

and also. i was reading over here about this. so i decided i would start knitting up some charity hats. well, i haven't bought the yarn because my car has been in the shop since last tuesday (it's fixed, it's beautiful, and i'm thrilled!). so tomorrow i'm going to return my overdue library book. hit up the possible yarn here in town, and then head to butte to get some fun fur to get knitting. dang i wish i could knit at work! so that's my story and i'm sticking too it!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it's a new day...

well school was rockin today. who would of thought? i really enjoyed it. i think being with the kids reminded me why i am a teacher. i absolutely love it when the kids make me laugh (and they do it a lot). i just am feeling insecure about what i do for these kids. but enough about that.

for christmas from my inlaws we got to buy a chair for our living room (we do have other seating, we just really wanted this particular chair). we ended up over estimating the cost of the chair so we had money left over. my wonderful husband let me buy a new pea coat that i had been eyeing for a while. and we STILL had money left over! so we broke down and we bought an automatic cat litter box. such an indulgence, but totally worth it. i love it! although the noise it makes is rather obnoxious, but it's a small price to pay for a clean litter box. i just love it. but the best part is totally the dogs reaction. if he hears the cat box clean (even if he is dead asleep anywhere in our house), he jumps up and runs to watch it. it's hilarious! i think he is envious of the cats. i just have to scoop his poop with a plastic bag. but anyways, i could just go on and on about the benifits of my great cat box...

now to knit or not to knit. let me explain my dilema. in about 15 days, i start my online courses to finish up my library endorsement. i'm a little nervous because damn do i hate online courses. and these just suck. i learn a ton from my teacher (i've had the same teacher for like 5 classes), she's awesome. but i just hate all the work. so i won't be able to knit much. which leaves me with this dilema. i don't know what i want to knit right now. i, unlike it appears to be the rest of blogland, do not have a stash. i have some oddball yarn, but like one or two or half a skeins worth. i do however have about 8 balls of sock yarn (i've produced 1 pair of socks in my knitting time). so, do i break down and buy new yarn for a sweater ( i really really want to make a sweater) even though i wouldn't be able to buy anything else for the month (pb & j it is), or do i knit some socks (small knitting makes me nervous---my mittens are making me ill). i just search through the stash and make another hat (which i do need)? i tell you i don't know what to do. also, i have three beautiful skeins of blue sky alpaca (two baby blue and one white), any suggestions on what to do with it? it has been calling my name...

so that's my problem. i have knitters block. yeah...

duh...i forgot a picture to make the post interesting! these are our wonderful pets: francisco, gus, and crackers. they're great