Monday, June 25, 2007

It's been a long time comin'

done lately:
gillette, wy/ rapid city/ deadwood
internship at Hearst Free Library
jaywalker socks
cotton summer hat
The Talented Clementine
The Bell Jar
Hattie Big Sky
new job at the junior high
talk of moving away

my dear sister reminds me that i haven't updated often. so here is a quick update. she told me she likes to just read it, she doesn't care if it isn't knitting related (okay, she would prefer it if it wasn't). but i have been knitting. i'm just too lazy to take pictures. i need/want to make a little cover for my sisters wedding. her colors are blue and brown so i wanted to make a little brown shrug or even a shawl (but i don't know about that yet). i haven't found any good easy patterns yet, so i'm still debating. we shall see i guess. but i will post lots of pictures tomorrow with what i have been up to, i promise.