Thursday, July 12, 2007


i've been wrestling with knitting decisions. still. still no idea what to knit. maybe i'm one of those winter only knitting people. i donno. i like small projects. yet i LOVED making my sweater. it really was wonderfully gratifying and amazing. i didn't get bored. i was excited! but something i keep trying to make myself knit is socks. damn i hate those things. and it makes me feel like a knitting failure. i talked about it with my moms friend who is opening a yarn store (i'm going to plug this store to no end so that it succeeds!), and she too doesn't like to knit socks. i really think it's the whole attaching thing heel and the side together. i can't get it pretty enough. okay and i can never get a really good fit. but it drives me crazy! i look at all these blogs with people finishing socks day and night. really, come on folks! knit something big and ugly damn it! i sure do. so i'm sitting on like six skeins of sock yarn (i love to buy it, hate to knit it) and just think "i'm a knitting failure!" i kind of feel the same way about mittens too. they irritate me, thumbs...always too big. i want a nice secure thumb. and not too floppy of a top. i donno...

now...i'm not knitting. i'm embroidering. kind of enjoyable. it's different. i'm working on a dishcloth for me. it's really hilarious actually. i'll take photos tomorrow and then post them sometime. ehehehe i lie. sometime it will get done :)

anyways. i was laying i bed last night and realized i forgot to put my links in. so here is the hat. and here is the wedding gift.

enjoy the hot hot summer days!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


i know that i promised pictures. and i had every intent on doing so...but then i went to kalispell. twice. well..the first one is the one that matters because i didn't upload my pictures. and then we had a great storm and i took really wonderful photographs. holy moly was i glad to have really amazing photos (sometimes i amaze myself). we came home and the night before we were supposed to go back I went to print out some of them for my mom with our new printer. damn how i should have read the directions! well...apparently you're supposed to use an adapter when you put my memory card in the printer. and it got stuck. for an hour. i finally used some tape and a butter knife to get it out, only to find out i had scratched the memory card and lost all of the pictures. pictures of the storm. pictures of las vegas. last snowstorm pictures. really really important photos. so i am still so sick over it, i haven't even put in my new memory card (i did however by the damn adapter too, which might make my digital picture frame work better).

also, i am incredibly discouraged. i'm knitting this. and i've been working on it for...oh four weeks now and have three inches done. why is it taking so long? well cotton and my needles aren't being really friendly. it's a really tight gaige and it keeps getting stuck on the end of the needle. really slowing me down truthfully, so i don't even want to look at it. i went to buy some addi turbos, but the stupid yarn store in kalispell didn't have the right size (they might have, but the owner is so snotty that i didn't want to give them ANY money). so it's on standstill. i also did knit this for my sister. it was nice and quick and fun to do. and really hilarious at her bridal shower. it made my day. so in short, i don't know what to knit right now. i'm thinking of working on some baby hats just because they're quick to do, don't take much thought and certainly don't heat me up. but we'll see. i'm itching to do a sweater again.

a friends mother of mine is starting a yarn store in kalispell (it's enough to have me move home, she even offered me a job). she was showing me what she ordered and some of her knitting. she makes the most amazingly beautifuly sweaters. amazing. so i'm thinking of starting one soon. she gives me the guts to do it. so we shall see.

hopefully i will get some knitting done and will be able to face my camera again for pictures. i'm thinking of giving a digital tour of anaconda. really is a strange little town. so we'll see.