Monday, December 29, 2008

it's like working out...

i was doing so good! multiple posts in one month! oh well. hope everyone had a fantastic christmas. I had an AWESOME christmas. i got new shoes, winter boots (that aren't kid sized!), cross country skis, and a gift certificate to camas creek in kalispell (over half-way spent, fyi). with all those great gifts, why would i buy myself one? okay, because I really wanted to go on the winter knitting retreat put on by camas creek. I am so excited! 2 days, three classes, at a cross country ski area. it's perfect! so i'll let you know how that goes!

so my little sister came with me to spend some time down in beautiful anaconda. so far we've gone bowling. when we had left kalispell it was a winter wonderland. lots and lots and lots of beautiful new snow. by the time we got to anaconda it was 34 degrees and what snow we had was melting. talk about a feeling of defeat. by the way, there were two brand new pairs of cross country skis and a brand new snowboard in the back. talk about depressing! so we went bowling last night. and this morning we're...going skiing because we're sitting on 8 new inches of snow!!! how exciting! so leah and i will take advantage of it and hit the hill (half day because we are worried we'll be too tired with a full day, we can go again :)) then tomorrow, cross country skiing, and then i think a trip to beautiful fairmont hot springs. it is going to FUN!!! hopefully i'll have some pictures with my beautiful christmas knits and some new things i've started for myself :)