Thursday, April 12, 2007


oh blog, i've not forgotten you. it's quite the opposite. you're always on my mind, sitting there neglected, feeling unloved, and wishing to spend some quality time with yours truly. but it doesn't seem to be! the class work that is never ending. and isn't it ironic that last week we were studying blogs and i spend hours reading library blogs, but couldn't be bothered to update you? and it gets worse! there is more classwork to start this weekend making it 11 credits in 3 months with a full time job. it's no wonder you're lonely, blog!

it's so sad that i have knitting news that should be posted--jaywalking socks that aren't turning out, a rusted root sweater that leaves me near tears, but i just don't have the energy to post pictures! and there's housework that needs to be shown to the world, and general grumblings that need to be pacified by well meaning commentators. don't worry blog, in two weeks the classwork will be done, leaving me hours of uninterrupted knitting and blogging time.

i promise in the next week to update you with great pictures, and wonderful stories, and even some new knitting. until then, be happy with knowing you're in my thoughts!