Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'm a liar!

well, i took my sweater to kalispell to block and promptly forgot to block it and then left it. so there will be photos. maybe my dad will wear it and take some photos for me. that would be nice dan! other than that, i would really like some yarn to start some knitting. i wish i lived closer to camas creek! but perhaps i'll travel north this weekend to catch up on some yarn purchases and some lake time. other than that, i finished up some baby hats i started last summer which was good. which means other than the strange little doll i was working on for bob, my projects basket is empty! i'm thinking of starting a baby blanket or two and some sweaters. 'cause in case you didn't know...i'm havin a baby. so that is very exciting. that's my summer doins. tomorrow, i think some yard work and maybe some delicious dinner. here is a photo from seattle. i went to baseball games with my husband, dad, and sister. it was such a blast! i didn't want to come home!

two of my favorite people :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

suck on that!

ha! the owls sweater is done! pictures to follow tomorrow. or the next day. and it needs to be blocked. but i even got it all sewn up! HA!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

free fridge

please please please anyone in this area...i have an older fridge that still works, just didn't have a big freezer for us, and i really don't want to see it go to the landfill....please help me by taking it. it's free and can be clean. just needs to be out by saturday. hell...i'll even bake you something if you take it!