Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

i am still alive. i do still knit. and read. it's been hectic here. this is the first weekend i will have been home for the whole thing since before school started in august. i'm pretty thrilled to be honest. we're having a quiet halloween here with scary movies and handing out candy. we live in an area of town with hundreds of children, but i bet we won't see more than 25 trick or treat-ers. they all go to the other end of town where it's not so creepy and people give out BIG candy bars. i don't blame the kids or the parents either. but it means we'll have a ton of extra candy again. but i'll use it in my library as prizes.

i have been knitting a ton. i'm working on a scarf for my sister using sublime yarn. it really is beautiful but i think it's going to shed a ton. i'm also working on some baby gifts. i made a sweater last weekend and it turned out perfect. of course i forgot to take a photo. so maybe mom will send me a picture when baby is born. i'm also working on some beautiful booties that i LOVE (pattern on the right hand side). i'm going one color because i realized that one of the two yarns i planned on using was a little too girly and these are for a boy. so i'll hope and pray that there is a girl baby somewhere in my knitting future. also, i have cast on for the ladies february sweater three times now and haven't been happy with it yet. after reading over at ravelry some suggestions, i'm ready to tackle it again with better plans. i would much rather have a sweater that i made and LOVE and am satisfied with, than one that is just okay, so i will keep casting on until i cast on right!

dad...this post is for you :) and i will try to get back to blogging more. i have exciting news about my library and great things i'm trying to do this year so i am really thrilled about that. and knitting has me feeling really good...when i sit down and knit i am constantly amazed at what i am able to accomplish. i feel like i am quite successful at it...makes me think i should be doing something with knitting for a living :)