Saturday, September 30, 2006

honey i'm home

okay, i'm back from vegas. i'll post pictures on sunday. but i made it home safely and will fill you in tomorrow.

arg, i need a program to help resize photos. i'm pretty nerdy

Monday, September 25, 2006

is it ever a monday?

i confess, i was crabby today to my little readers. i hate it. but in my defense, you try dealing with 286 young people who are all looking for the most perfect book that has to do with dinosaurs, dogs, princesses, funny looking people who are sad because they are in world war II. it is stressful! stop laughing! and why did i have 286 students compared to my normal 175? well that's because at 6 am i am boarding a flight to las vegas! for four days! so i can't be too crabby. so despite my new blog, i will be gone. although i fear only my husband reads this (and only when i make him). but if there are other bloggers out there, i have a very silly question. do you ask permission of people to let others know blogs you read? and boy is there a list! and do you do that? AND how do you put a different banner at the top? because i would like to make a new one...and i have an idea. so answer my questions if you can and let me know i'm not just rambling to my darling husband. and so, i leave. oh wait! i do have knitting content!

remember my fingerless gloves that i'm angry with because they've caused me to knit poorly (or maybe my knitting just isn't up to par), well i did it and i ripped them back four inches to try again. i'm still not completely satisfied because it still sort of looks like doo-doo, but it does look better. yay. AND wouldn't you know it? i went to start a new project (despite promising myself i wouldn't), and i didn't have the right sized needles. doesn't that just get your goat? i need to hit up more second hand stores to expand my needle collection (i am the cheapest person in the world, just buy the stupid things!) anyways, i'm off to pack and do laundry and find good books for the flight!

here is a picture of part of my adorable little family (because i love blogs with pictures, even if they're random)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

beware...knitting content ahead

okay, so i'm like the worst secret pal for my one skein partner. i'm trying soooo hard to get her project done...two months late. so i'm working on some fingerless gloves. i love the yarn sooooo much, but i am not happy with the knitting quality that i am producing. so i'm making an executive decission and i'm replacing the fingerless gloves with a different project. i'm sorry secret pal! but here are the pictures. please note the poor knitting and the awful thumb gusset that began. >:(

in other knitting news, yesterday in missoula i stopped at michaels because i had heard such good things about the pattons soy wool yarn (and also that it felts up nicely and i love to felt in the winter), so i picked up two skeins. i also picked up some nice cotton for some baby hats that i will be making. after i finish the one skein project i'll start the hats and post some pictures. just a clue...arrrrr matey!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

practice putting in pictures

heres a picture from tour de fat. fat tire came to missoula and had the most awesome bikes! this one was so hard to ride, but it was worth it. loved it!

Monday, September 18, 2006

day one

well...i guess i shall see how this goes. I would like to believe it will be mostly knitting. but at this rate, i will get one thing knit this winter. so it will probably be knitting infused with life and my lovely family and job. soooo yes. cross our fingers! until then...