Thursday, March 27, 2008

books, blogs, and back gammon

i read like 20 blogs most days. i do this by venturing up into my favorites. scrolling to knitting, then to blogs and then reading each one. sometimes i open two browsers so that i can have one loading while i'm reading another blog. i do that when i'm in a hurry. today i took a new route. don't worry it's not rss or rrs or whatever it is. (although one of my library professors would have a heart attack because she loves it, or suggests it at least). today i went from the bottom of my list up. it sort of weirded me out because i didn't know which blog was coming next. have you noticed that blogs have tastes? like some...they're strong knitting and i like that about them. some are just a hint of knitting mixed in with life (that's mine). some are familiar...because i know the people. and some i read because i'm addicted. i'm not particularly fond of the writing style or what the person has to say, but i feel like i need to know what that person is doing. like looking in windows at night really. and i love those blogs too because there is something that i do enjoy and it keeps me coming back for more. but anyways, i went backwards today so i wasn't prepared for what was going to come next. do you do that? it was rather refreshing.

tonight: i had bookclub number one. book club number one is the first one i belonged to. they are my first anaconda friends and it's been really wonderful. we were supposed to read angry housewives eating bonbons. i didn't read it because, of course, i forgot i had book club this week. i belong to a second book club that i started this year. it's rather intense because i feel like i'm reading one book for bookclub (the sooner meeting) and then i rush through the second so i can be prepared. this usually works out because the meetings are two weeks apart. but i have noticed that my reading has decreased because i'm feeling rather...forced to read. i keep buying books to read, but i can't make it through them. really, it's a pity. so i'm down to two books a month + whatever book i'm reading at school to keep up to date in my library (mainly so i can find some kid that NEEDS to read that book). it's like a came of matching. find the book that matches the kid. some kids have lots of matches...some don't. it's great.

my husband loves to play backgammon. i've never played it. lex, remember the board at the north fork that we tried to play with...but it turns out we didn't know how to play so instead we made designs with dominos? i'm thinking i should learn to play it, but often when bob teaches me a game i get frustrated and it's added to the list of games we can't play. such as canasta, phase ten, and monopoly. too bad, so sad.

if there is some amazing chance that someone out there reading this is a librarian who blogs with their students, i would love it if you would contact me about doing it. i'm thinking of starting a blog of book reviews because students are WAY better at convincing each other to read books than i am. so i thought that would be awesome! or if you know someone. :) night!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring is in the air...

ooooh hellooooooo! spring has sprung which means...spring cleaning time! wooohoo! so i've been busy doing one little spring cleaning bit at a time. this will come as no surprise to my parents because they know i'm a terrible cleaner. when i was little and i shared a room with my lovely sister we would have to clean our terribly messy room. and lex would get her side done and i would still be looking at the filthy sock i had picked up an hour an a half ago. i would still be deciding whether it was just covered with cat hair and i could shake it off and put it in the sock drawer, or if it really had been worn two and a half months ago and i should clean it. so i would start crying about how i can't clean and i'm overwhelmed and in two and a half minutes lex would have cleaned it all. this worked well into my adult life until it was time for us to get married. turns out, i still need her to come and clean my house. lex, are you here yet? but i digress. i've been working on it and am rather proud of myself. now if someone walked into my house, they wouldn't really think of it as clean, but i know that to me i'm making a difference.

also since i have last checked in, i have achieved a goal of mine, and that is to run a 5k. i'm going to preface this with a story about my 1st grade teacher, mrs. a. mrs.a, if you're out there reading this, this was in 1987 in whitefish mt and i was the short, thick girl. now, in first grade we were out on the track running the mile (i still don't think 6 year olds should be made to run the mile) and after we finished we were walking back to the school (muldown school--i'm giving lots of hints as to who i am incase mrs. a is reading :) ) and as i was huffing and puffing because i had to walk a lot of the mile mrs. a looked at me and said, "anne, why can't you be more like your aunt lexie?" well, my aunt was phenominal runner, ran in college and set lots of records. and i just kind of looked at her thinking, "uhm....because i'm not her" so this is for you mrs. a! i may not be a big track runner, but damn it i finished the race and i'm proud! so i ran in the st. patricks day race here in anaconda with my sister lex who has been training with me (but apart from me) and my mom and baby sister came down to join us. they walked it with my husband and everyone finished. i'm terribly proud of everyone. next year dad, you're joining us! but the best part of the ends at a bar. where they proudly serve green beer to the race like 11:15 in the morning. it was great. so now lex and i will find races every few months to meet up and run together. we're cool like that.

also, i have been knitting a most kick ass project. however it can't be shown because a reader of this blog will be the recipient. funny thought though...only like 8 people read this blog, so they're all thinking its them! hehehehe

so that's my life in a nut shell. camera charger: still broken. weather: changing slowly to spring. family: all good. and possibly big changes next year. woohoo!