Sunday, January 24, 2010

one month

little ada beda is a month old today. what a wild ride it's been. i love it. i love her. she's awake way more now and looking at us and looking around. she's making more noises that aren't angry screaming. we spent a week in kalispell with my parents and it was heavenly. little miss ada seemed to enjoy the time with her grandparents. it was very hard for me to leave. i could totally be one of those people who live with their parents forever. they wouldn't let me, but i would like to do it :) bob would not!

but we're having a great time and are adjusting to each other a little more each day. i love being home with ada and cuddling her. the dogs are getting used to her. they don't freak out when she cries and they don't come over and freak her out when she's on the floor. i'm just a proud little mama. life is good.

oh yeah, my jeans fit too :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i like to read other peoples blogs. i hate waiting for them to update. yet i don't. so here we go!

knitting: working on this for ada. not loving it. i think i might frog it and make my own. i don't have any hats for her that fit right now. and i would love to give her one. i'll be in kalispell this weekend, so maybe i'll stop and get some nice soft yarn for her. surprisingly in: pink :) and maybe yarn for a sweater for her too. my brother-in-law scott gave me three knitting books for christmas and there is lots i want to knit in there.

ada: she is growing so much! and...i'm sitting her listening to her fart. i laugh every time! i think it's hilarious. bob does not. i think the apple does not fall far from that tree! but she is fantastic.

winter: what winter? it's been 40 degrees so today ada and i went for a walk (three or four blocks) it was nice. ada made it about 10 feet before falling asleep. but she did great. i put her in the moby wrap with a little fleece outfit. she stayed warm and content. when we got home she slept. these short walks make me super nervous. i was pretty sure i would be able to get right back into running, but in all honesty, i don't see it happening. but we'll talk to the dr in february and see what she says. maybe there is a secret stretch to get my incision feeling perfect so i can run comfortably ;)

future plans: were going to kalispell for the weekend and that should be pretty fun. i'm looking forward to seeing my family...and getting some extra rest. i'm also scheduled for a haircut. THANK GOD! i have a mop going on and could really use a cut. something easy to deal with too. i realized today that we're going to look at a daycare tomorrow so i had better put on some real clothes and do my hair since i'll be meeting new people. i'm sort of excited :)

so i'm going to try not to turn this into the ada blog. but uhm...since i don't think anyone but family reads it, i'm sure they won't mind the updates hehehehe so here is a photo of baby ada and her aunt leah