Thursday, May 24, 2007


so i bought myself a graduation present (yes, two a's and a b and i'm now graduated--with the exception of my internship) the new envy phone. and i'll be damned if i can charge it because i lost the stupid charger! and did i mention that we don't have a land line here at my house. and my husband is out of town. and my phone is dead? AND i can't check the messages from my school phone because it's a long distance call? i'll tell you i'm pissed. so if you have seen it mom, dad, leah, please let me know and send it asap so i can call you and thank you.

on to less depressing things...

the school year is almost over. 9 more days. i am pleased as punch! i may have the option of moving to a different school or even a classroom (please god let this happen!). i've found that this option gives me a much calmer piece of mind and i don't have my students nearly as much. yes, some teachers hate students at this time of year, and i am one of them. i adore each and every one of them on an individual basis, and i would probably bring home two if pressed. however when you get 25 of them into a room in the spring and it's snowing (yep, 8 inches) something goes wrong with them and they get crazy. which makes me crazy. and we yell and scream and throw things. okay not that bad, but it could be!

but the really great news...i finished rusted root in time for Montana Tech's graduation. i think my sister was a little embarrassed, but mostly proud. i can't tell you how many compliments...the best being little johns: "oh! i thought you bought it at a cute little store. i didn't know you could make clothes." thanks john, you warm the cockles of my heart. however, there is no photo yet. they're on my sisters camera, or moms, or soon to be brother in laws. so someday soon.

in the mean while, i've been working on some swatches from uhm...a book that i can't remember the title of. you know, the one with a bunch of stitches---Stitchanary...or something like that. and i'm lazy and i hate to swatch, so instead of making swatches that can't be used...i'm making dish clothes. so that's my life, i will really start posting soon, i'm in a knitting funk right now. this weekend i'm thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets, but i should do some knitting with some photos. until then!

p.s. how great is the new draft autosave? no more lost posts for me!

p.p.s. k lex, i wrote a blog entry. now you have to post pictures of your house with your stuff in it. can i come visit/live with you soon?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

if you could only see me now...

oi i know! i know! but i only have one and a half more weeks before I am a real true librarian. which means i am gearing up for finals. i've had one hell of a semester that makes me want to quit and become a gas station attendant. if you want particulars, e-mail me. i can't say too much--it is a public forum ;)

anyways since i've been gone:

MLA (montana library confrence for those of you who don't know) really great, did some good networking with other librarians and even made a few friends. however, i have realized that perhaps my calling isn't school librarian, but public librarian. so that is to be considered this summer when i do my library practicum at the hearst free library. yay!

end of school: enough said. as mentioned i will be finishing up my classwork FOR GOOD!

beautiful weather: that's right, it's been beautiful here and we've bbqed twice (and for a later post, the wonderfulness of grilling vegetables)

with the beautiful weather, cleaning the yard: i don't know how the snow melts and then three days later my lawn is 8 inches high. now don't worry, not all of my lawn, just the front. i don't have lawn in the back, just dead sod. thanks ARCO (photos later because really, it's hillarious).

and the husband and brother in law took out a big (almost) dead lilac tree. thumbs up scott!

here's a photo. my husband didn't want his picture associated with this, so this is my brother in law.

and finally...

RUSTED ROOT! look at me. doing a sweater. with lace. i'm so proud of myself and cannot wait to sit down and get it done!

until next time (probably after i finish my classwork. yay!)