Friday, August 31, 2007

no weiners...

well, i had no takers on my contest. so grey kitty is called rory. this is embarassing, but i don't know if it's a boy or a girl. so i figured rory would work. it's kind of fitting. he/she has this roar when meowing. i was thinking that nutters would be a really great name too, but i think rory just fits.

so i figure i should talk about knitting. like i said, i knit the cabled scarf in the one skein book. i tried to work on cables at the beginning of summer, and then this weekend it clicked. in my head i knew what needed to be done to make a cable, and voila, a new scarf! i really like the scarf, but i have to say, i'm not really fond of the yarn. i used blue sky alpaca. i've had this yarn for over two years and another skein for three! the reason i hadn't knit it was because i didn't like how loose it knit up. and if i tried using smaller needles, it just ended up getting knotted up. plus, the yarn breaks and it gets too fuzzy. but it's sooooo luxurious that i just love it :) i'm thinking of making the assemetrical hat next. this photo is a pretty crappy photo of the scarf, but it gives you an idea. i need to block it and weave in the ends. i'm thinking of giving it to a friend. she is one of those people who is always so nice and warm towards me. she's a knitter and i think she would love it as well.

next in line is the sitcom sweater. i'm buying the yarn for it tomorrow in missoula. i love making sweaters, but i'm too cheap to buy the yarn. this sweater shouldn't be too expensive though so I'm looking forward to starting it. it will be a good addition to my sweater shelves. i want to keep knitting lots and lots of sweaters, but i have so many it's hard to justify more. but i'm sure i'll keep going. i need to take a knitting class to learn more about the technical stuff...increases and decreases, just so i can start learning to adjust the sweaters to fit me perfectly.

other news...i got a new job. instead of being the elementary school librarian i am the junior high library. it should be a really great job. the staff in my building is really amazing...they're always trying to improve things! i think it will be a much better fit than the old building. dear husband also started a new job a few weeks ago working as a high school teacher in a school for emotionally disturbed children (i don't think that's what i'm supposed to say, but its a school for...very difficult children). he's really starting to enjoy it and is loving using his degree now. it's a good thing to be doing.

on tap for the weekend: back home for another wedding, a griz game, and hopefully some kayaking. hmmmm how can i steal them and bring them down here?

oh...also needed to add to my last list: second anniversary for dear hustband and i. yay for us!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


well...tomorrow is the last day for the contest...any takers? grey kitty has yet to be named. although we are leaning towards rory.

Monday, August 27, 2007

dad...don't tell mom

so i know it's been longer than two weeks. sorry scott. life gets away from me. plus, i'll be damned if i can knit. this post will be horribly short and not very well written because i have to get this done before my dear husband gets home and needs the computer.

what i've been up to:

lexies wedding--fun

starting school--not fun

knitting a scarf--fun

so the scarf i knit is from one skein. now it may not look like much...that damn alpaca that i used the wrong sized needles on. is my first ever cableing. i am so proud of myself that i wandered around for two days showing it to my husband. i can't wait to knit more things with cables! i need to block the scarf and weave in the ends, but hopefully it will turn out nice.

cleaning the house--not fun

going to movies--fun

playing with my dog--fun

renee's wedding shower--fun

playing with me...two new kittens--super fun.

we got two new kittens last night. we were thinking of getting one, but at the shelter there were two kittens that we couldn't decide between. and wouldn't you know it, they were buy one get one free! so bob got one. his is the black one with a white mustache (called the great mustachio) and mine is the grey one. he doesn't have a name right now, so uhm...lets have a contest! if we pick your name, i'll send you an old shoe! no....i'll send a nice little package with...yarn and chocolate and maybe a few other goodies. if you don't like yarn...then i'll keep the yarn and i'll send you something instead! so help a girl out here with the naming of her kitten! as a reminder we have: francisco the white cat, gus the fugly cat, the great mustachio the black and white cat, and crackers the dog. :)

this is from a fire that started out by our house. it stayed under 10 acres.

anyways here are some photos of my life for the past three weeks (i hate to be so super selective, so perhaps i'll post them all on my flickr account and you can go look at everything!)
this is the 50th anniversary of mooses saloon. it was so much fun!

(more tomorrow)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

it's august, already

i can't believe that it's august. it seems like summer just started. it's been real, real hot here. so i haven't been knitting much. but thank goodness my great cousin lisa sent me the needle i needed, so the hat is coming along. thanks lisa! that's about all.

it's fire season here in montana. so every conversation revolves around the smoke, where the fires are, and who is getting evacuated. i'm getting ready to leave to kalispell for two weeks, and the fastest route is closed due to a fire. they're getting ready to evacuate the town of seeley lake. so instead i'll be going through missoula on i-90 and highway 93. i-90 has been closed on and off due to a fire, so i'm crossing my fingers that i'll make it. my parents lake place is smack in the middle of two fires, so last weekend we spent the time in a smokey haze.

but i'm off. i'll be in kalispell for two weeks. one week working for my mom and another week spending time with my family. it's my mom's business (mooses saloon) 50th anniversary party and my little sisters wedding. so we have family coming from all over, some i haven't seen in 10 years, so i'm super excited. i'll be back with pictures and all that fun stuff.