Sunday, November 18, 2007

there is time...

i think blogging is a lot like exercising for me...i sort of need to force myself to do it. so today i am while my dear husband is napping, it's nice and quiet in my house. my litter boxes are clean, my house is...not too messy, and it's snowing. i LOVE the snow. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I miss the days of when Montana got lots and lots of it. a few inches here and there does not satisfy my needs. sometimes i think of moving to alaska because they still get snow. plus i like the thought of moving. the first photo is out my front window. this is my daily view and the reason i wanted this house. well a reason...and not the view...but the corner windows. it makes my day and is the perfect place for our christmas tree. and the third...that's crackers in the snow. he's just so darn cute!

i have been not super busy, but it seems like always on the move. last weekend i went to gillette to visit lexie for her birthday. it was a big surprise and let me tell you, i almost pushed the car so we could get there faster. i was so excited! we had so much fun! our friend john drove me down and friday night we got there and hung out and chatted. we also played "scene it." it's way more difficult than we thought it would be. then on saturday we went down town to do some shopping, lex opened her gifts, we had a nice lunch prepaired by her husband and then the festivities began! it was a mustache party. here's lex with her mustache! we played battle of the sexes--glad to report the girls won both games, we had delicious dinner--steak, asparagas, blue cheese mashed potatoes, bread, and birthday cake from dairy queen. it really is our favorite! then sunday we layed around, went and got frozen custard as is customary, and got back on the road. it really was perfect! thanks les and nick!

i HAVE been knitting. but i gave almost all of it to lexie for her birthday! she got a pair of mittens and two hats. guess who forgot to take photos. but lex said she would send some to me. if not, i'll take some when i'm there for thanksgiving. i'm working on another pair of mittens for me, a pair for a cousins daughter, and now i'm ready to start christmas knitting! oh and i have an order for three pairs of mittens for christmas...better get started on those soon!

but lest you think i'm making knitting up, here is some yarn i've purchased in the past...WEEK! the two white skeins are buffalo that i got in gillette. i can't believe how soft and wonderful it is! the grey also came from gillette, and i think it will be a hat...or cabled scarf. the multicolored yarn is for a scarf for me. and all the other...for christmas presents...hrmmm...strange acrylic...what could it be??? who knows!

so that is the short of it. i have a knitting date tonight and am still deciding what to be knitting. we shall see i suppose!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

we're alive!

okay this is a very strange random post, but i will most more this week about my knitting (lets just say 5 mittens and two hats in like 8!) but more impressively is the storm we survived. we've heard between 70 and 90 a mile hour winds. that's impressive considering we're at 5000+ feet nestled in the rocky mountains. trees were blown over, power was out for 6 hours, ice was frozen, roofs blown off, and our shingling blew off our roof. now this is quite fine by me because behind my house is a 40 foot tree that could easily have fallen on our roof like the 30+ trees that fell down. but i will post more later. these funny photos are for my dad who is the best dad in the world because he's going to come down and help me fix it. thanks dad!

and...lexie's birthday photos too. fun times in gillette

(dad, the last photo is the piece of roofing that blew over on its self. i folded it back but it cracked in places. the other photos are my patch job...i am no quilter that's for sure!)