Wednesday, October 13, 2010


so i've been reading a lot lately. by a lot i mean reading at least one or two books a week. sometimes three. this is impressive on one front: i have a 9 month old baby. but not impressive on a few: i am a librarian; and i take advantage of my job. i also take two 15 minute breaks a day to pump...and read books that aren't for my library. also, sometimes i stay up really really late so that i can finish a book. right now it's 12: 55 am and i'm up. to be honest its not to finish a book, but ada has this great habit of waking up at 12:35 every night. it's awesome. but back to reading.

i love it. oh yeah, and i'm not reading adult books. i'm reading young adult. they're just so easy and fun and...quick. i feel so efficient and like a fast reader. like i'm accomplishing so much every week. but the down side to all this reading is it's affecting my sleep.

i have been having the strangest dreams lately. the first one was while reading a vampire academy book. guh...teenage angst + vampires of good and bad variety = very weird dreams. i woke up from that glad ada was crying. tonight i started i am number four. about aliens on earth and them getting killed. this dream was strange in it was just the book in movie form. except my life kept getting mixed in. i didn't understand it. but i was so angry i just read about this for 45 minutes and then i was dreaming of it all over again.

i like my sleep. and i like fun dreams, not creepy vampire alien dreams. i might have to start reading fluff before i go to bed.

and ps...running going well. i do six miles sunday. last week was...blah so i'm starting over again. and i am SOOOOO ready for snow so i can bust out my xcountry skis this year. i feel the need. the need for skis. yahoodle!

Saturday, August 07, 2010 11? only day 11?

i made myself run. i told myself a short was already 9. ada wasn't asleep. but i decided to do it anyways. and bob reminded me that i don't have to put ada to sleep. he can do it too. remember that anne! so i went out. i usually do 1/4 mile warm up and 1/4 cool down. but i really wanted this to be a fast run. so i did one block warm up and then ran my usual mile loop. so i ended up doing 1.5 miles. which rocked! it was starting to get dark out. the clouds were threatening. and i didn't want to do it. oh. em. gee! i totally rocked it and had my personal best time for a mile (11.52) and really really enjoyed myself. i had this fantastic voice in my head that when i slowed down they asked me why i need to slow down and it turns out i was just lazy and was...reverting to a slow pace (which i think will work to my advantage in the half hahaha) so i would pick up the pace again. i even did this up hill! anaconda is built on a hill. so i run west first (uphill) and then come back east. i live at the east end of town so i just keep running further into town. it works out and i'm happy to get the "hard" part done first. but if you look at my nike log...the second half is my slow half. oh well.

in other news, ada has been sleeping better at night. she's still waking up, but not every 15 minutes. i'm also working on her putting herself back to sleep. so i look at the clock and she has 8 minutes to cry. if she's still crying, i get up and get her now. 8 minutes because i've noticed if she's cried that long, then she's not going to sleep. usually it's less than 6 minutes. now i give myself the timer because otherwise i feel compelled to get her up. so hopefully we're getting back to sleep nation! although she wakes herself up at 6, she's been going back to sleep until 9:30 or 10. it's GREAT! yay ada!

she is also crawling which is making my days busier. but lots of fun.

i'm trying to get some booties done this weekend for bobs coworker. we'll see how that goes. and i'm working on a hat for ada. then i think i'll start her sweater...the owlet. hopefully it's ready for fall :) otherwise ellie belly will get a fall sweater. ha!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

why i didn't run tonight

it's rain. not snow as it appears.

caffeine? cold? dearl god i wish i knew!

with all of the traveling we had been doing, ada had lost her sleep schedule. so we've been working on it. however, after a week at home, i thought she had found it again. but last night, starting at 11:30 she woke up. then at 11:15, then 12:00 then 12:47, 1:45, and 3. oh and 6, 8 and 10 am. it was rough. but i don't know what is causing this. first i thought it was just being home. but she had two awesome nights of sleep. then i thought well maybe she gets cold, so i wrap her up nice and tight. but then i was laying in bed with her, and i think it might be caffeine! yesterday i had a homemade frappuccino. and she had an awful night. and sunday i made everyone frappuccinos. and she had a similar sleep pattern. when i was in gillette, lex and i hit up starbucks...and she didn't sleep will there. so perhaps i'm testing this theory by not having a frappuccino today (and i seriously wanted one after last night!) so hopefully this is what's going on and we'll go back to regular sleep. sad day...i guess i'll have to switch to decaf :)

or maybe it's milk. its the only time i drink milk. huh. i'm stumped

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

day 10?

day 10: 25 minutes running, 5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down 2.45 miles with the warm up but without the cool down. 2.75 miles with cool down.

same old run, same old route. but i have a little following of two boys. they asked where i was running to two days ago. i told them the park and they were satisfied with that. today they wanted to make sure i was going to the park and which park. then they wanted to know if i came back the same way and i told them no i usually come back along the creek. did they want me to come back this way. and they asked why. i told them...i donno. but they were satisfied with that answer and said yes. so i did. and they weren't there :) but that's okay. it was an incredibly run because i didn't want to do it in the first place. but i did it. i wanted to walk and i didn't. i just kept going. that was awesome :) and i felt so good when i got back home. bob had fed ada and i went to the roof to take pictures of the roof...because it's damaged...again. then i gave ada a bath, fed her and put her to sleep where she has been blissful since. yay :) it was a good day

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

days 4-9

day 4: july 23 1.7 miles 23 minutes
day 5: july 26, 2.2 miles, 30 minutes
day 6: july 27, 1.5 miles, 19 minutes
day 7: july 30, 2.73 miles, 36 minutes
day 8: july 31, .95 miles, 12 minutes
day 9: august 2, 2.75 miles, 35 minutes

love love love that i've been running again. the weather has been great. its nice to get out of the house. ada tried the jogging stroller, and cried the entire way. but she had like the worst day ever where she didn't nap, didn't sleep, and fell over repeatedly, AND i hurt her eye with the dog leash. it did involve a rope burn across her eyelid. sad day for everyone involved.

now despite my running not as frequently as i wanted (but still doing okay), i am so sad with my speed. i feel like i run at a walk speed. and my times show this. it just...makes my heart hurt. so i ignore it. most of the time. how do i get faster? i'm a little stressed.

in other news: 5k planned for this fall, 10k in the spring, bloomsday in the spring...and the missoula half marathon. i know i can do it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

day three

day three: ran at almost 9 because ada was cranky. finally i had to go because i was getting cranky. i had every excuse lined up not to go. but i wanted to run! i wanted to get out my house and away. so i did. it was awesome to want to do it. it was same as day one. distance was about the same, time was too. but today it felt good to run and like i could have kept going. i was actually surprised when i finished the last run and it was time to walk. i thought i had one more. it was awesome. yay!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day 2

day 2: my "off" day. i went to the track, warmed up for 1 lap, ran a mile, cooled down for a lap. all in all, 20 minutes. there was this dude who was really...buff (do the kids even say that any more?) and he lapped me. twice. but as i told bob, if i'm doing this to win i will never do anything. but i did it. two days in a row. yay!

i'm trying to run for three weeks in a row. but i do get one day a week to take off (i'm traveling ridiculous amounts these days). so that's my goal. i sure hope i achieve it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

run damn it run!

day one: 71 degrees, 7:15 pm. week five day 1: run 5 minutes, walk 3 minutes. 2.24 miles

nice job anne

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

take that, sister!

well i'm back to work. it's amazing how exhausted i am at the end of the day. and how little i do anymore. little blog has been neglected. but so has my ada book that i try to keep track of her life. it's been...oh i would say a good two and a half months since i wrote in it. forgive me ada.

but i have been knitting some on my lunch break. and i have been reading a TON. since i've been back to work i've read:
  • the unaccustomed earth
  • snow in july
  • precious
  • the hunger games
  • elephant run
  • catching fire
  • home of the brave
  • the postmistress seemed like way more. but i guess not. but that's not bad considering i don't read at home. the young adult ones have been good. hunger games GREAT and i cannot wait to ready the third one. last friday i gave a book talk to an english class. sadly, this is the first book talk i've given to a full class. but it was awesome and the kids were totally into it. i think i'll ask if i can give it to another class because it was so fun.

in ada news: she has started making all sorts of noises. i love it. lots of screeching :) she has rolled to her side a couple of times, usually on accident, but she's starting to move her legs more. she is a smiler! oh gosh she loves to smile and it is the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world. i want to cuddle her all the time! she isn't a cuddler unless she is exhausted. the rest of the time she wants to face away so that she can see everything. the dogs are a constant source of visual stimuli. and holy smokes she would watch the tv all day long if i let her! she is fantastic and growing so big. to the doctor on monday for a four month check up.

in running news: there is none. st. patricks day race was awesome. dad and lele came down for it. lele did awesome and ran two miles. i ran for a mile straight then on and off for the last mile so i ran probably about a mile and a half. so i need to start again. i found my ipod arm band and my chip for my shoes so i'm ready to get back out there. the weather is perfect for it and i think i'm ready to start doing something for myself. i think i'll work back into it by going to the track for a few weeks and then start street runs. maybe i'll even work up to something impressive over the summer :) but it's now super late and i'm super tired. tomorrow: photos :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

i'll play!

my typography is having self-portrait sunday. it's monday, but i'll play anyways...because a photo is better than nothing :) and i love to play games. from favorite computer program

Sunday, January 24, 2010

one month

little ada beda is a month old today. what a wild ride it's been. i love it. i love her. she's awake way more now and looking at us and looking around. she's making more noises that aren't angry screaming. we spent a week in kalispell with my parents and it was heavenly. little miss ada seemed to enjoy the time with her grandparents. it was very hard for me to leave. i could totally be one of those people who live with their parents forever. they wouldn't let me, but i would like to do it :) bob would not!

but we're having a great time and are adjusting to each other a little more each day. i love being home with ada and cuddling her. the dogs are getting used to her. they don't freak out when she cries and they don't come over and freak her out when she's on the floor. i'm just a proud little mama. life is good.

oh yeah, my jeans fit too :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i like to read other peoples blogs. i hate waiting for them to update. yet i don't. so here we go!

knitting: working on this for ada. not loving it. i think i might frog it and make my own. i don't have any hats for her that fit right now. and i would love to give her one. i'll be in kalispell this weekend, so maybe i'll stop and get some nice soft yarn for her. surprisingly in: pink :) and maybe yarn for a sweater for her too. my brother-in-law scott gave me three knitting books for christmas and there is lots i want to knit in there.

ada: she is growing so much! and...i'm sitting her listening to her fart. i laugh every time! i think it's hilarious. bob does not. i think the apple does not fall far from that tree! but she is fantastic.

winter: what winter? it's been 40 degrees so today ada and i went for a walk (three or four blocks) it was nice. ada made it about 10 feet before falling asleep. but she did great. i put her in the moby wrap with a little fleece outfit. she stayed warm and content. when we got home she slept. these short walks make me super nervous. i was pretty sure i would be able to get right back into running, but in all honesty, i don't see it happening. but we'll talk to the dr in february and see what she says. maybe there is a secret stretch to get my incision feeling perfect so i can run comfortably ;)

future plans: were going to kalispell for the weekend and that should be pretty fun. i'm looking forward to seeing my family...and getting some extra rest. i'm also scheduled for a haircut. THANK GOD! i have a mop going on and could really use a cut. something easy to deal with too. i realized today that we're going to look at a daycare tomorrow so i had better put on some real clothes and do my hair since i'll be meeting new people. i'm sort of excited :)

so i'm going to try not to turn this into the ada blog. but uhm...since i don't think anyone but family reads it, i'm sure they won't mind the updates hehehehe so here is a photo of baby ada and her aunt leah