Friday, August 14, 2009

*sigh* i've come to a stand still

well, i had such a successful last week, this week has been a big fat disappointment. i haven't gotten squat done. part of it is that my week has been split up into bad days. tuesday i had a dr. appointment at 2:30. so i couldn't get anything big done. i think i went recycling or something. and then thursday bob had acl surgery, so that screwed yesterday, last night, and into the weekend. i'm sleepy and just cant get squat done. i was supposed to start painting the second bedroom. not done. not even ready to be primed. heck, not even cleaned out! so that is sort of dissappointing to me. i wish i had a wand to swish the crap out and i would gladly paint the damn thing!

but good news: bob seems to be recovering slowly, but surely. so that's good news. i want him better now. mainly so i can sleep in our bed again. it would be fantastic! even though it's only been one night of the couch. but baby makes couch sleeping uncomfortable AND its difficult to get up off of. but enough complaining.

it's raining and is cool. could be worse i suppose :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

another check on my list!

kitchen window (yes, the neighbors house really is 4 feet from that window)

back bedroom (baby room)


they're here! they're here! our new windows came and i'm so excited. the windows look so good and even though it's a detail that is only noticable to bob and i, we are so thrilled that we had them done. it's amazing the difference that they made in the rooms. i need to put the curtains and shades back up so i might accomplish that this afternoon. and in the kitchen, the window seems to let in so much more light!

i was so worried when i saw the window people cut my screens because i was figuring i would just keep those screens even though they weren't real nice, but it would save me a little money. so i was heart broken to have to pay for screens--until i noticed the new windows came with screens! score! so now i just gaze out my new windows are enjoy the view of the rain and lightening.

we also picked out the color for the back bedroom. it's called vanilla bean. i had gone back and forth on colors and doing something bright or doing something neutral so i could do bright colors in accessories. but i found a picture at a store in town and i loved the colors. it's a picture of a robin in a tree with it's eggs. i've also been told to do something fun and whimsical and i was thinking gnomes or woodland creatures and i've just been...unsure. i want something that is really clean and in all honesty, will look good when we sell our house. so i'm really happy with what we have so far. we'll see how it goes :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

rain rain go away

well the rain has come. this is good news because i still don't have my hoses out so at least my lawn is getting watered. but this brings potentially bad news too. our new windows were supposed to be installed tomorrow and if it's raining, they'll wait. but if it's raining, at least the temp is slightly lower and bearable. so i guess i can wait.

today was a somewhat successful day. i got a project done that's been waiting...oh two years :) i put in a programmable thermostat. i was real excited that it also controls the cooling in addition to the heat. then i realized it won't let me turn down the external heat :) i'm excited for in the winter. i can set it to be warm by the time i get home from work. that is very super exciting for me :) it's also nice because i think it will be a more accurate temperature keeper. here are some fine photos :) thanks for all of your help this week dad! at least now i don't have to put you to work when you come down this week!
a closer look :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

todays project

today i got my bookshelf done! i forgot to take a before photo. but it was brown. that's all. brown and dirty and brown. now it's whitish. i'm pretty happy with it. so that's another thing off my list. i'm pretty excited. now just pick a paint color.

also accomplished: we bought new carpet! now, i'm sort of feeling like it's a silly thing to do, but our two bedrooms have brown industrial carpet. it's ugly and not nice. so we went looking for a remnant (if that didn't work out, we were going to go to lowes). but it worked out. all the remants we wanted were already sold. so we looked at the other carpets. and looked at remants again. we were going to settle when i said lets go to the other carpet store. but as we were walking away i looked at the carpets again. and found some for us. now i'm cheap. real real cheap right dad? and i found us carpet that we both LOVED! and the price: $3.49! without the sale! with the sale: $.99 a square foot!!! i am so excited. so we got that and padding and then we decided to have it installed. so for a grand total of $379, we're getting new carpet in a baby room. so we'll take it. tomorrows goal: i haven't decided yet. i'm thinking put away power tools, go to the thrift store, and the recycling center. OOOOOOOOR rest :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

whew! what a day!

well, i had a very successful day! i hung up some shelves in our bedroom so bob could have one of my dressers since his got moved to the garage because it was in the new baby room. i'm very pleased with the outcome and and even more pleased with me doing it myself. now i have to come up with tomorrows new goal.

have you seen the new interweave knits? there are so many things in there that i want to make! i don't have it near me, but i really want to do the short sleeve cardigan with the cableing. i'm thinking it will be a good winter time sweater. plus...i can shrink back into it :) other than that, i'm not knitting anything right now, i am trying to figure out what to start next (or more importantly, when i get to the yarn store). hope all is well!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

it's sunday

it's sunday. we have a birthday party today and are working on our house. lets hope that it all works out! what are you doing?