Monday, April 27, 2009

it's raining

wait, i'm a liar. it's snowing like a maniac. and i'm sitting here and i am working on a new spring scarf. so this will be short.

i had a post here that i was going to post. but i can't really air my dirty laundry in public. so i'm not going to post it. i'll figure out a way to get input and uhm...consolation?

but i'm working on a new spring scarf that is made out of corn fibers. it's really great and i'm loving it. plus it's washable and dryable. so i'm excited and i'm going to go get working on it!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

a little stressed

my yarn came from knit picks last weekend, so i started owls yesterday. i swatched this damn sweater and i don't know what my problem is. i got gauge in stitches, but uhm...not so much in rows. so i winged it. now i'm questioning my decision to go with it. i'm worried the back decreases will be in strange spots. PLUS because i'm a tight knitter, i had to go up to a size 11 needle. that's usually not a problem, but these sweater seems a little loose. so what do i do? i'm almost the armpits, so do just keep going and see how it turns out? or should i just say screw it and frog it? i'm really uncertain. this is why i need a knitting mentor. or someone who lives with me who knows more than i do about knitting. this is the problem with being a wing-it kind of usually works out with scarfs, but sweaters and socks is a whole different deal.

problem two...i cast off my sock on wednesday and realized that it was too tight. what kind of cast off should i do to aleviate this problem?

not pictures of either for now, but this is a photo of me and francisco. he comes home about twice a week at night and tonight he was wanting to sit with me. he is the most cuddly cat and i'm always so excited when he comes home. i've had this cat the longest so he's super special to me, even if he's dirty and smells funny.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

proof reading

i didn't knit that easter dinner. that would be really amazing. thanks dad for pointing that out to me. i'm sure there were people who thought i was a grade a knitter...wouldn't that be awesome? i could start working for magazines making photo spreads for them! or just going on the road with my incredibly realistic knitting. perhaps i should pursue this a little bit more. have a great day

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a day late...but not a dollar short...let's go with $80 :)

anyways, i'm not really short $80. well i spent that much on some new clothes, but its not like i lost it or something. but i digress. here is the photos i promised. i do love how they turned out. and bob does too. He thought they were really cute. they were so much fun to knit and so quick and easy!
Other than that, not a lot going on. just rain/snow which isn't unusual for this time of year...just depressing to be honest. every time i think it's time to get my bike out, it rains again. but that what happens when you live in montana. i've seen snow in every month of the year, so it's just not too suprising.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

some bitching...some knitting...and some eating

happy easter everyone! we had a great chill easter here. we went to breakfast at the inlaws and then dinner with our friend jason. and a delicious dinner at that! we had ham, rosemary potatoes, cranberries, rolls, grape salad, and strawberry shortcake for dinner. it really was delicious! there will be photos added tommorrow. my camera is too far away from my seat :) also on the camera are the rediculously cute bunny nuggets i made for bob for his basket. i just about died when i saw how cute they were!

the picture i have is from my photobooth. now i realize they're not very good photos--due to the bad light in the living room and my laziness to get my camera. but lets look at these images:first: note the tired look in my eyes. that is due to trying to figure out how to do short rows. i was up until 12:15 last night trying to do it. now i don't know if i'm short row retarded...or if i just need someone to show me how to do it correctly. but i have done my cast on for tow up socks (using patons sox yarn--i think) but the heal and the toe just don't look neat and tidy like it should be. maybe i'm expecting too much for myself. but i've knit one sock just about two times. it appears i can't measure my foot correctly, but i've past the heal for the second time and now i'm on to some nice boring 2x2 ribbing. this should do me good.

next: this yarn i'm not loving. its scratchy and my needles keep splitting it up.

next: i started these on my latern moon needles. now i LOVE these needles almost more than i love my bed. however i couldn't get it to not have that ladder between the needles. AND the yarn kept getting caught when i was moving it up the needle. so i switched to double pointed and my speed increased drastically. i don't know if this is the fault of the needle or the yarn. next pair i'm going to use my addi turbos and hope that works better. my fingers are all crampy from knitting too much the past two days. but i feel good about the socks.

finally: i am bitching and moaning about knitting socks. i still feel like socks are something i should LOVE to knit. but everytime i just think, god, am i not done yet? but i'm doing it so that i can learn it and know it. i really am a librarian at heart and want to know how to do things incase someone asks me. it's like if i cook something bad. most people would say, "hey that was awful! i won't ever make that again!" i however think, "hey that was awful! i wonder what i did wrong. i'll make a list and make adjustments until it tastes delicious." i need to do it so that it is perfect. these socks are the same way. maybe i should suck it up and buy some nice sock yarn and make really nice socks instead of cheap yarn so i can practice. and to be honest, the socks look good off, but then i put them on and...i just don't love them. my feet look big and puffy and the socks look all stretched and...homemade and not nice and dainty like most homemade socks do. so i don't know. i'll let you know tomorrow how they go. since i don't have work i'll take advantage of the day--with a run and some knitting. my house is clean and so it's a fun day!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

things that are unstoppable

my knitting
bob throwing up
my running

to expand:

i'm knitting another thorpe. i am loving it still. i'm using the same colors because i'm crossing my fingers that i have enough yarn left over. its not looking too good. and my guts are telling me that i need to rip it back and make a smaller size. but i'm getting together with friends today to knit, so i will have some difinitive answers today.

bob has the stomach flu. the problem with working at a school where the students also live is that bugs get passed around a lot. and this stomach flu is a killer bug. i'm looking forward to a healthy spring :)

and my running. it's kinda stoppable, but i did run another race this weekend. i'm really dissappointed in myself to be honest. i did walk some of it...and i should have kept running...i don't know what my deal was. i just got lazy. but there were some hills to run and since i run on a treadmill, they were challenging. but i completed it and my time was so sad. 38:24. But I guess it gives me a goal to stay under.

and it's beautiful and sunny here, maybe spring is here!