Wednesday, February 28, 2007

workin' so hard...

so i have been knitting. last weekend i started a shawl, promptly realized i wouldn't have enough yarn for it, frogged it and started a scarf. it was love at first k2tog. really. i didn't hate one minute of it. i wanted to knit on forever! i enjoyed the yarn (pattons wool/soy blend stuff--i'm too lazy to get up and find it), i enjoyed the pattern (from my pattern a day calander i got for $4 at the end of january), i just loved it. i took it with me to meet my sisters future inlaws. i took it with me when my sister tried on wedding dresses. i would have taken it into the shower with me if i hadn't known it would felt up. i am pleased. i am in love. and i am proud. i spent like 10 minutes trying to get more photos. you're just going to have to live with this one picture of my baby.

did i mention i have never done a pattern like this. like with holes and yarn overs? almost like a lace pattern (i think, i haven't ventured there yet). this is some seriously proud knitting. then i forgot to wear it to school today to show it off. oh well, there is always tomorrow! with this new found confidence in my ability, i think i am ready to conquor rusted root. i feel that it is in my bones to knit it. i know that i can do the beautiful leaves. i just don't know about cotton yet. i'm a little scared. but i think it might be time for a challenge that doesn't involve library knowledge. bring it on.

also, i got crafty with a pair of jeans. look ma, i actually finished it in a timely fashion! i started this last week as well. you know the drill...old jeans, cut, seam rip, add in some modesty panels, and sew it together. it's my first attempt at using a sewing machine since i was in the 7th grade. i did pretty good i think. i found the directions all over the net and just sort of winged it. life is good

Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm famous! i am alive! and i've been knitting, but i have way more exciting new. you all need to go look at the montana standard webpage. it's the butte newspaper. and this article was on the front page today. YEAH!!! the front page! i almost died. but i'll post pictures of the knitting this week. i can't right now because i've got a rocking library chat to attend and then more homework! yay for school!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Here's my dad. he's the number one dad. he comes to anaconda and paints and repairs and does anything i ask him. i love him.

Well, today my dad had a birthday. and i didn't send a card. so here dad:

Happy birthday!!!

what's better than a birthday wish on annes blog?


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


once, my younger sister was complaining about being tired. so i replied "sleepsfortheweak" and lex looked at me and said "what?" and i said "sleepsfortheweak" and lexie said "WHAT?" and i looked at her and made eye contact and said "sleep. is. for. the. weak." and lex said "oh! i thought you were making words up. now it's this big joke for us and i tell her that on occassion just to laugh. there really is no point in all that, but dang did we laugh. almost as hard as when we realized we were singing some ac/dc lyrics wrong. but that is a whole nother story!

well. i knit and knit and knit and knit and i don't get anywhere. why? because i'm an idiot. i knit and i drop a stitch. i knit and put it away and three stitches fall of the needle. and because it's funfur, i can't find the dropped stitches and so i unravel the whole stupid thing and start again. i swear, what am i going to do with myself. plus with school and work and life, guh, i'm just lazy. but on the other hand...i do antisipate a change in direction...a new pattern for lexies mittens ala knitpicks. so this week i'll get my poop in a scoop and put in an order.

sorry about the lack of posts. i hate to dissappoint my huge audience (hi dad!) hehehehe oi i crack myself up ps i'm sorry i can't spell!