Friday, January 02, 2009


well i made it to kalispell to go on my knitting retreat that starts in...45 minutes.  but due to the 20+ new inches of snow that this town got last night, we just didn't think it would be safe to travel.  i had a generous offer for a ride, but i unfortunately don't call the valley my home, so on sunday i would have had a 6 hour drive to make.  which would be okay if i had monday off.  but i get a little nervous with this much snow and all that driving.  so i had to cancel.  i am soooooo sad because i was really looking forward to it!  but here are some beautiful photos from the storm and all that jazz.  again, i promise pictures of hand knit things soon.  
yes, it really is up to my thighs (though this is the snowblower blowoff)
that glow is the consumer center north of town.  
the sauna and the foot+ snow on the roof
west of our house.  you can see the snow falling.  it's just barely avoiding us right now
dan dan the snow blower man.  this really is up to his thigh.  the swings were below the snow.  i swung on one and my butt was a draggin'

and rain in anaconda.  stupid anaconda!