Sunday, March 25, 2007

lost and gone forever...

no i'm not. i'm just insanely busy. since the last update: st. patty's day (huge here in butte/anaconda) my sister came to visit from wyoming and we had great fun on the green day. we spent most of it in the sunshine watching people and drinking beer. well i didn't, i was the dd/sherpa (who knew i needed such a big purse?) here are some of my fave pictures from the day.
(i don't know who this dude is, but look at all the people behind him! it was crazy!)

also, since it was little sister's birthday some cupcakes in her honor. they could have been the most delicious cupcakes i've ever baked. mmmm

and! a new bike for me! my wonderful husband bought it for me. and i must say it is the most beautiful bike in the world. and it's such a nice ride. so smooth and nice. we've only got to ride once this week though and today was really crappy weather, so soon i'll get to take it out. i can't wait to be done with my classes so i can spend some real quality time with the new bike.
and finally knitting. yes, i've broken down and started some socks. i'm a bad sock knitter. i suffer from sss really bad, and i just lose interest. but i've started a pair of jaywalkers. i do love them. i'm enjoying the pattern and the knitting of socks. i want to keep knitting them all night long, but I know i need to sleep so i can get up extra early and write my lesson plans. but i am enjoying the knit and the yarn, it's from knitpicks, but i can't remember anything about it, and i've lost my ball band. also i purchased the yarn for my rusted root sweater and i hope to get started on that. a new friend came over today and I taught her how to knit today and i think we'll get together this weekend. i'm so excited :) anyways, until next time!

Friday, March 16, 2007

they say it's your birthday...

today, my little sister turns 10. the big 10! i can't believe it! happy birthday littlest sister! wish you were here to share the hubbub of st. patties day in my corner of the universe.

(in our house, the girls like to do eachother's makeup...with crayola markers. leah did mine and my hair for me. thanks leah. [it didn't wash off])

Sunday, March 04, 2007

the BEST week(end) ever!

well i must say, if it wasn't the best weekend ever! first, i am a prize winner! for the first time in my blog reading history. yay for me! over at the ol' funfur hat project, i won the clover leaf lace mitts pattern from knitspot. so exciting! i am looking forward to knitting them.

also, i did eight loads of laundry yesterday, folded 8 loads of laundry, and put away 8 loads of laundry. i thought i had to buy new socks, turns out, i just needed to find all the socks in the dirty clothes piles!

and if that wasn't enough, i cleaned dog nose smudges off the window. and cleaned the screen door window (better to spy on my neighbors that way). it's crazy. it was so nice today in anaconda i hung out with the front door open letting in light, and it was like there was no window there! so that was also really great.

then i went to the cashore marionettes at the historic washoe theatre. it was amazing. you should have been there! there was a horse marionette with like 20 strings, an elephant with nearly 40 strings, a woman with a baby (and the baby was a seperate puppet! the puppeteer did two at one time, and had the woman lay the baby down in a cradle--mind blowing!). i went by myself and there is something so nice about doing stuff like that by yourself. bob came home and asked if i went by myself and i said yes and he told me i was much braver than he. but i have no problem with doing stuff like that by myself--you're in the dark, you couldn't talk to anyone anyways--so no big deal. it reminded me of living in portland. i spent a lot of time wondering around by myself and i like that feeling. it's very nice :)

then today my old roommates rachel and alex came to visit me. it was so nice to see rachel, i haven't seen her since she moved and it's been like two years! hi rachel! so they brought over bagels and scones that were delicious and we hung out and caught up. it was really enjoyable.

i also washed my car, finished a book, and wrote three units to teach! now, i'm sure you're asking, "But Anne, how did you manage to get all this stuff done? And why were you so ambitious?" The answer is simple--I am avoiding. i'm avoid work, i'm avoid school, i'm just avoiding all those agravating things in my life (also avoiding a knitting project for a very special girl which makes me feel sort of bad). I am so overwhelmed with my coursework for this semester that i just sit and stare at my $400 worth of books and wonder, "why did i do this to me?" and now...this huge long blog...avoiding my homework still. it's 7:38 and i have a 100 point project due tomorrow and i haven't finished the reading for it yet. anyone know if montana has any sort of guidelines for spending budgets in the library? yeah, me either! so i'm off to do some reading and hopefully accomplish something tonight.

ohhh! and in knitting...i broke down, bought the rusted root pattern, realized i have a skein of the yarn in my basket and am ready to start practicing that lace repeat! yay!!!

(mt. haggin x-country ski area)