Tuesday, November 14, 2006

whew, blogging is lots of work!

bad stuff: finished most of a mitten only to realize that i need to rip it back because it's for man hands. not woman hands like needed. then realized i don't have the correct needles. so the wonderful husband picked some up in missoula yesterday. have finished cuff.

good stuff: have cuff finished on mitten one. lookin good. not liking the yarn though. might be for me rather than sister. three. yes three finished projects. all cute as a button baby hats. example a:

whats that? you can't tell what that image is? oh here, let me help you.

in other news: cat griz weekend. go griz. we shall be attending with our entourage. okay so we're just meeting people there. it should be good clean fun had by all.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i do love to knit

right, so i was totally going to post pictures of my three (yes three!) finished projects, but my camera is in the car and i'm simply too lazy to go and get it. so i'll save them for tomorrow. but i'll tell you something...they're too dang cute! i had a fifth grade student beg me to make one for his neice. hehehe he'll pay me $20 to do it too :) so look forward to the cuteness!

so i've come up with my partial christmas list:
1. one pair of mittens for someone who already knows he/she is getting them ;)
2. many cute little felted pears from the holiday interweave knits (too lazy to link to them)
3. two stockings--maybe more if i'm super good(not to be confused with stalkings!) from previously mentioned magazine
4. one pair of slippers knit from ugly acrylic yarn for my father in law (to replace his old ones--yeah i know i should use nice yarn, but he just loves the old ones!)
5. and for fun...the cute mittens and stockings from holiday interweave. too dang cute to pass up for our christmas tree!

now that list isn't too unmanageable is it? the two stockings is rather ambitius--and they're only for us, so those can wait i guess. but the other knitting, i'm feeling good about. okay so i'm a little nervous about the mittens (fingerless gloves, but a little bit more?) and i think that should be good. no handmade gifts for mother in law, she's made it clear she doesn't like them. and husband, i don't know what he would like knit. maybe a rockin pirate hat. anywho. i need to go assemble our bed again (sheet cleaning day) and i think i shall retire to bed.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

i am alive!

not only am i alive. but i've been knitting. what's that? a hat and a half in two days? anne are you sick? yeah! i'm a knitter again! so i have to make three baby hats for lovely husbands friends who are popping out babies like i eat little snickers. it's crazy. so i have three hats that need to be knit. well i am to the decrease in hat number two but i was too enthralled with mean girls (oh do i love that movie!) so i have to rip part of it back and start again on decreases (multiples of eight who does that? i can't count to 8 and watch mean girls at the same time!) so without further ado here is hat number one.

that's gus. she doesn't like the hat.

so the halloween day was awesome. lots of candy from the kids. and some trick or treaters. have you ever heard of the term mummers? thats what old people call trick or treaters here. weird. but i dressed up as max from where the wild things are and i'll post pictures as soon as i get them.

and heres a picture of our pumpkins on halloween. the ones from the store because our other pumpkins got stolen! i couldn't believe it either. but happy november. and we're finally back into double digits in temperature. YAY!