Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things to check off...

  • little big planet. i beat it last night. this is the second video game i've beat. now, i usually only play games i can pick up and set down whenever i want. but this one, ohhhhh this one was great! i loved it. but i was sad that i didn't get some big huge production when i beat it. oh well. i enjoyed it and will keep playing all the little games and trying to collect more items.
  • the true meaning of smekday. i finished this one up today and it was so good. really funny and fun to read. i love books like that. today i went to the library and got some books and am looking forward to reading those.
  • running. because that's what i'm going to go do. i'm thinking of posting all my runs online so you all can see how i'm doing. i don't know if you're aware, but i want to run 12 races this year and then make a quilt out of the shirts. it's a strange reason to run...but whatever works right? also, i'm starting to work out again in the morning with my friend. this is going to be rough because i've been having a REALLY hard time getting up at 7...and getting up at 5 is going to be really rough. BUT knowing someone is waiting for me is good. plus i'll be able to start getting to school on time. and my little dogs will hopefully be getting walks again since i'll have spare time in the morning.
that's all on my to be checked off list.

other good things: i ordered a new computer. this was a rash decision, but the price was right and i've been wanting a lap top so we can turn our small room into a guest room without having to sleep wall to wall to desk. so this will be exciting. AND ITS A MAC! this is really nice because i prefer macs...so i'm going back to my roots. i am thinking i probably should have bought a new sofa instead...but that's life right? i had a great list of things to post...but i don't remember any of them now.

i'm in a reading mood lately, so thats why there isn't much knitting going on. i did rip out bella and am to the thumb on the left. so hopefully i'll just sit down and get them done real soon. i bought yarn for a february lady sweater, but have worked on knitting it a couple of times so i'm debating about using the yarn for something else...or just biting the bullet and trying again.

anyways...i'm off to run!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

good day sunshine!

cross country skiing...it was -7...can't even tell :)

running update: monday 2.6 miles in 30 minutes. wednesday 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. need to get up to 3.1 miles by march...and hopefully improve that slow ass time. f.

reading update: sweet god all mighty it is taking me forever to read the true meaning of smekday. but it is incredibly enjoyable and pretty hilarious. it's the bright spot in my working day. love it.

work update: to the bastard who created science fairs...let me send you all of the students who are needing help with excel spreadsheets...on the day its due. then i'm going to send you the other 200 students who also need help. but left their data at home!!! god all mighty do they think i can create a graph from thin air. damn my abilities...because it turns out i can! it's sweet! on the plus side...i have made it into multiple students acknowledgement pages...at least they remember that i do help them...and somewhere in my heart i do love them. just not all the time!

knitting update: well...it appears i am suffering from half-assdom. now it would be great if my ass did shrink down to half it's size. but it turns out that i can only do something half way. i thought i had photos of half finished projects. but i don't. so here is sarah's mittens that she made. she's the best knitting student ever! i'm still working on the stupid bella's mittens. they're so fast...except when you don't use the right size needles so you have to start again...then you lose a cable stitch somewhere...AND you don't have a row counter. oh well :) i'm thinking of making something quick and fun...like my dinner which is getting cold. i'm having a baked potato and carrots and hummus (my new favorite food).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's too late for this!

its 10:06 montana time and i'm up making valentines for my advisory class. by making valentines i mean i'm making snickerdoodles for them because i couldn't think of anything better. last year i made really cute valentines that looked like fortune cookies. but this year, i just don't have it in me. and they're a rather ungreatful class, so i don't want to waste too much time on it/them. i will also start bobs tomorrow. hehe nothing like waiting until the last minute. but i think he'll like it. i love valentines day. unfortunately, i'm really bad at sending them...so to all my family <3 to you! the rest of you, i'll see this weekend, so ignore that ;)

today i went to butte and went to walmart. it's crazy. i hate it. i'm reminded of why i don't shop there anymore. plus it's hard when you're shopping for someone else and you aren't sure what exactly they want. but i winged it and got candy for the carnation sale and some candy for chocolate bingo tomorrow. it should be fun and exciting!

now i know this is a knitting blog. but i haven't been knitting. But i did find my camera. so this weekend i'll take some photos and do some posting.

take that lexie!

and here is a picture of crackers all cuddled up with my sackboy :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

it continues...

my crabbiness just won't end! but i'll post to you today anyways.

i started reading the true meaning of smekday which is really hilarious! i'm really digging it.

i'm going to my friends house for dinner tonight. i haven't been home for dinner yet this week. i have weeks like this, where i won't be home at all, then i'll have weeks where i'm home constantly. it's strange. but i enjoy that.

how sad is it that craftzine isn't going to publish on paper anymore? i love that magazine. its where i get all my ideas. plus it helped me reduce my coffee runs completely! i love that cold press coffee. it did spoil me :)

that's all for now. two posts...doing good. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

things that piss me off...

a bulleted list because i'm pissed off
  • stupid girls
  • stupid girls on my treadmills
  • stupid girls and one man on my treadmill when i go there right after school to make sure i get my run in today because today is a big run day to prepare for the st. patricks day race
  • having to use an elliptical machine in exchange for a treadmill run
  • my job when students think that i love to be cranky and mean
  • my dogs nails that scratch me because they need to be clipped
  • my filthy house that has my piles all over
  • my inability to 1. throw things away and 2 put things away.
  • me being cranky
  • losing my row counter. to the cats. or dogs. BRING IT BACK CATS OR DOGS!
  • being hungry but not having anything to satisfy my hunger
  • baby carrots that look like fingers
now that that's off my chest! oh wait, one more
  • me not being able to say no
anyways. here is my links i promised. and also, i seem to have lost my camera. i know, i'm shocked too. it must be in one of my giant piles of shit that's laying from one end of the house to the other. i read an article about people bartering things with the economy being bad. no it wasn't an article, it was oprah. oops. anyways, i'm willing to barter something in exchange for someone to come and help me clean up my crap and organize. any takers?

back to knitting. links. here we go. and i'm not going to stick ravelry links in there because some don't love it. i do. i'm late to it. but i love it. it's great.
thats all for now. take that lexie!

and dad...new killers album...awesome. track 7 sounds just like the talking heads to me :)

it's on like donkey kong!

it's on lexie brundin of http://brundinblog.blogspot.com/! you better be afraid, very afraid. I'm ready to kick your blogs butt!

so my sister seems to think that she is far superior than I am in the blog updating business. well i'm here to show her that she is living in a dream world. so fans, I'm back!!! they might not all be knitting posts. but they will be excellent posts that lexies blog can only dream of! so bring it!

on the knittng front: sack boy, another pair of bellas mittens, a baby hat...and thoughts of thorpes for me, babies, and other people who deserve them (not lexies blog). Links to come tonight...yep that's right. two posts in one day. take that!

on the reading front: not a whole lot. just some young adult from the library. I did read The Juvie Three and What I Saw and How I Lied. I loved the first one, liked the second one, and it's the national book award winner. It got good about half way through, but wasn't phenominal.

but i'll be back tonight. sleep with one eye open http://brundinblog.blogspot.com/