Tuesday, November 24, 2009

an update

well my youngest sister told me i need to update. and i do. i just hate updating without photos. so maybe i'll take really bad photos with photobooth and post them hehehe

but everything is going swell here. i am swelling up and keeping a healthy little baby in my belly. the rest of our family is shrinking, my cats have moved to kalispell (the final two make the trek tomorrow). i really am heart broken about losing two of the cats. they're my babies! but it will be really nice to be cat free for a while. and litter box free. and cat food free. so that's exciting. i'm pleased as punch about that. we have a bedroom ready for little calhoun. and i have a blanket for baby calhoun and a hat. other than that, not a lot is going on. we're waiting patiently for winter. it's cold but no snow yet.
bad photos from photobooth of the baby blanket...oh well :) i love the blanket