Tuesday, October 09, 2007

twice in one month!

here are the photos i promised. still no sign of the camera charger.

in other news...my new dyson vacuum came today. dang i love it alread. i want to vacuum everything.

also, one mitten is almost finished. yay me :)
this the path through washoe park. we were riding bikes. if you look real hard you can see bob riding ahead of me.
our gaggle of cats. sorry about all of the laundry :) it looks like fatty gus is trying to squash aggie. perhaps she is.
this is philipsburg. and that nice shiny building with the hose in front is for rent. i think my yarn shop needs to go there. it's beautiful. and there is a park next to it :)
there's bob riding ahead of me. yes. i took photos while biking. it was exhilerating! but i couldn't let bob see me do it!
i LOVE the colors of this goose. i think everything needs to be dark grey with yellow orange and white. like my house. grey house. yellow orange door and white trim. ready dad?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

oh my gosh!

well i hadn't realized it has been so long since i've posted. i knew it was a while, but i hadn't realized over a month! thanks for reminding me lexie!

since i can't find my camera battery charger, i can't post any new knitting photos. but let me tell you, i was flying along with my sitcom cardigan. and i had up to the arm pits done, and i started working on sleeve number one. i had done all of my increases and it didn't look right. it's about five inches to short. so what should i do all you accomplished knitters out there? should i just knit without increasing for those five inches? should i rip it back (boohoo)? can the sleeve be salvedged? it put me into a funk. a serious serious funk. so i quit knitting for a while.

then last week i went to MBI training. i found with school training stuff, there is a lot of down time, and i need to make a baby hat, so i brought the first inch of one with me. it's my usual baby hat with a jolly roger knit into it (is that so unusual? i'm young and somewhat hip, but i got a lot of weird looks when i showed people). so in all the down time...i finished it my first day of training. it turned out okay, but i'm not happy with my color work, so i'm going to reknit it. darn it, i should have picked up yarn today in butte.

so with my confidence back, i went to the scrap booking store on friday to just look at yarn. you know how looking turns to buying. i said i wasn't going to buy some sock yarn. why make mittens with sock yarn anne? you have enough problems knitting two things that are the same, why exasterbate it with two small gauge projects? but i did. i bought myself some pretty yarn that has found it's way into 1/2 of a mitten. i am incredibly picky about my mittens. they can't be too big and flop around. so when i realized my thumb was way too big i bit the bullet and ripped backwards and made my thumb smaller. and i'm really happy with how it is progressing. it's giving me the confidence to work on lexies mittens. see lex, i haven't forgotten, i just want them to be perfect for you!

in other news, my cousin lisa nominated me to be a Rockin' Girl Blogger. which totally blew my mind :) now i'm not sure if i'm supposed to nominate anyone or how it goes (i should read into this), but i will admit that i am a total lurker with blogs. i have twenty or so that i read everyday but have only left like three comments on peoples blogs (for those of you who comment on mine, thank you so much, i will try to overcome my shyness and comment on yours too! i really do appreciate it!). so that is so very awesome! but there are some blogs that i just love to read...like...LOVE and i don't know if it would be weird if i just nominated them without ever once letting them know i read it.

in other news: fall has come and i want to take some pictures of beautiful anaconda (it's the one time it really is a beautiful place), but no camera. also last friday, first snow in town, but it's been about 1000 feet higher for a few weeks now. also the husband and i went to they might be giants concert in missoula and had an awesome time! last year we saw the rolling stones, this year it was much smaller but a great concert. there were probably 400 people there and by the end we were...15 feet from the stage. there was no security fence or anything. it was great fun.

in kitty news. they have been accepted by the other cats. even anti-social gus loves them. she's become a mama cat and takes good care of them. but...they have been horribly sick with the "pintler pet illness." apparently it's quite common for the shelter kittens to get this disease where the cats sneeze and get gunky eyeballs. so for three weeks they've been on antibiotics. it really is horrible. but they've quit sneezing blood and seem to be a little better. if any of you are vets or married to them, please see if you can find out more. i'm trying to pick a new vet for the kitties because this vet didn't even give me the name of the disease. now i know i could have asked, but the vet doesn't have very good bedside manners and i don't feel comfortable asking him questions.

it's taking too long to upload pictures, so i'll post them tomorrow.

and GO RED SOX! ahhhh yes, life is good :)