Wednesday, October 13, 2010


so i've been reading a lot lately. by a lot i mean reading at least one or two books a week. sometimes three. this is impressive on one front: i have a 9 month old baby. but not impressive on a few: i am a librarian; and i take advantage of my job. i also take two 15 minute breaks a day to pump...and read books that aren't for my library. also, sometimes i stay up really really late so that i can finish a book. right now it's 12: 55 am and i'm up. to be honest its not to finish a book, but ada has this great habit of waking up at 12:35 every night. it's awesome. but back to reading.

i love it. oh yeah, and i'm not reading adult books. i'm reading young adult. they're just so easy and fun and...quick. i feel so efficient and like a fast reader. like i'm accomplishing so much every week. but the down side to all this reading is it's affecting my sleep.

i have been having the strangest dreams lately. the first one was while reading a vampire academy book. guh...teenage angst + vampires of good and bad variety = very weird dreams. i woke up from that glad ada was crying. tonight i started i am number four. about aliens on earth and them getting killed. this dream was strange in it was just the book in movie form. except my life kept getting mixed in. i didn't understand it. but i was so angry i just read about this for 45 minutes and then i was dreaming of it all over again.

i like my sleep. and i like fun dreams, not creepy vampire alien dreams. i might have to start reading fluff before i go to bed.

and ps...running going well. i do six miles sunday. last week was...blah so i'm starting over again. and i am SOOOOO ready for snow so i can bust out my xcountry skis this year. i feel the need. the need for skis. yahoodle!