Thursday, November 20, 2008

why did it take me so long to figure it out?

I finished the Twilight series. So seriously good. like crack. i don't even know what to read next because they were so incredibly good that everything else will pale in comparison. and i finished the last one last night. it was good. but let's think about this for a minute. each book was at least 500 pages long. The last book was over 700 pages. that is a lot of reading. now at the same time i have a large amount of knitting that MUST GET DONE. so i have been torn for the past two weeks. do i want to knit or do i want to read? what to do? well i sat down to do some knitting. i have to watch tv when i knit. i just need that background noise to keep me somewhat focused. otherwise i just get bored. but at 6:30 the tv was turned off and i was going to read. but i still wanted to knit. bob said he wouldn't turn the pages for me (i thought that was rather rotten). but i opened my book to see if i could read and knit at the same time. OH MY GOD! it was the best knitting and reading breakthrough of my life. forget learning to cable or the first time i cast on. i can read and knit at the same time! my life has gotten exponetially better. i'm satisfied now. :)

so i'm working on a blanket and need to start my christmas list. i'm looking for a sweet toupee pattern, does anyone know one? thanks :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

what have you done this week?

Bulleted list for me because that's how busy i've been!
  1. Reading completed this week
  • A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah
  • The Cay by Theodore Taylor
  • Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
  • and to be honest, I think there was one more in there
All of them were so good! But twilight was superb. so superb in fact, that i went to my library (that i'm the librarian of) on sunday night to get the next book. but it was checked out. so i did what any librarian would do...i ordered it! hahahaha anyways, the next two should be here on wednesday. A long way gone was for book club number one, and it was depressing, but a good story. The Cay is for book club number 3 (!) I had a group of girls who wanted to start a book club and they opted for that book. They meet every two weeks and are really a fantastic addition to my day : )

But wait! There is more! I also knitted this week. A lot!

These are bootie pair number one finished like 7 days ago. They are for a brand new baby and are waiting patiently to be put in the mail. Unfortunately, I cant find a good card to go with them.

These are booties number two almost finished...they need buttons. These are for a friend who is having her second grandbaby this december. I have one more pair to make for her. And a white pair to make for a coworker who wants them for her grandbabies baptism. Then another pair for Camas Creek Yarn :) Those need to be done by Thanksgiving and I'll drop them off.

This is my sister's scarf that I made for her. She has been waiting for this since July (though not needed until a month ago). I didn't knit this all this week, but I did finish it. So I am counting it.

And finally this scarf from here. I used...uhm...some sort of big yarn :) it was brown sheep i think. i started friday night, finished saturday. a fun easy knit. it's okay. i'm giving it to a special person. ehehehe what am i kidding, she doesn't know how to use the internet. it's for my mom.

So that's my week. It's been great. I start a book fair tomorrow. Cross your fingers it all goes well. I am terribly stressed about it. but super excited too. And happy birthday lex! here is your gratuitous bad blog photo :) miss you.

i'm also getting my haircut on wednesday. think i need it???