Monday, June 16, 2008

it was going to be mean...

the trip to seattle is going well. we've done lots, seen lots, and eaten lots. tonight we went to the game to watch the mariners lose. again. you would think that i would be able to see someone win. but we had fun seats above the bullpen. until we decided to sneak downstairs. now they must go to the senior citizen center to get people to volunteer to check tickets and we had an eagle eye senior watching the seats we decided to sit in. she told us we couldn't sit in the back row...we had to go back and sit in section 184. so we just stood. well that eagle eyed senior finally at 9 let us sit down and watch the rest of the game. so here is to you eagle eyed senior!!!

more to follow!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

blogging from afar...

currently in kalispell...about to go to seattle for three or four baseball games.  we'll have fun.  

even better news.  i've been knitting.

even better news than that:  I went to a camera store (Shout out to the camera store in kalispell video plus i believe) and they have a charger for my camera. of seattle while i'm in seattle.  AND knitting photos soon.

by the way, i'm out of school for summer.  yes!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

*gasp* i think i was kicked out

so apparently my procrastinating got me kicked out of the knitting ring i'm in. that really is a sad day for me. dang it anne...get your knitting shit together!
****whew! i wasn't kicked out, it's now defunct! thank god i'm not such a failure. i'll have to find another blog to join.
well, i'll have to do some investigating when i'm not feeling so hard on myself. i have two days left of school...with only 3 hours of actual educational time left. which sounds really awesome...if i hadn't deleted 75% of my fiction collection. so i have to enter that all in. i have lovely girls who are helping me and i think they're doing a pretty good job. one even said she wouldn't mind being a librarian...except you have to be quiet. she struggles with that. so do i. :)

knitting, i do still knit. i actually have some baby hats i'm trying to work on because i have 5 friends having 6 babies within like...4 weeks of each other. but photos because i don't have the camera charger. my dad said he would buy me one if i worked for him. but apparently i didn't work hard enough. dad? yah? huh?

what do you have planned for summer? i have baseball with my dad and sister, sister time, laying tile at my sisters house, working, swimming, and kayaking with my mom. oh and camping around anaconda and yellowstone. hopefully that all will work out. i haven't found a buyer for my kidney though so i can afford gas. ehehehe just kidding, i can't sell my kindey, that would get me into all sorts of legal problems. and health issues too. so i do exhist and i'm going to try to post more regularly now that summer is here.