Thursday, August 05, 2010

caffeine? cold? dearl god i wish i knew!

with all of the traveling we had been doing, ada had lost her sleep schedule. so we've been working on it. however, after a week at home, i thought she had found it again. but last night, starting at 11:30 she woke up. then at 11:15, then 12:00 then 12:47, 1:45, and 3. oh and 6, 8 and 10 am. it was rough. but i don't know what is causing this. first i thought it was just being home. but she had two awesome nights of sleep. then i thought well maybe she gets cold, so i wrap her up nice and tight. but then i was laying in bed with her, and i think it might be caffeine! yesterday i had a homemade frappuccino. and she had an awful night. and sunday i made everyone frappuccinos. and she had a similar sleep pattern. when i was in gillette, lex and i hit up starbucks...and she didn't sleep will there. so perhaps i'm testing this theory by not having a frappuccino today (and i seriously wanted one after last night!) so hopefully this is what's going on and we'll go back to regular sleep. sad day...i guess i'll have to switch to decaf :)

or maybe it's milk. its the only time i drink milk. huh. i'm stumped

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