Saturday, August 07, 2010 11? only day 11?

i made myself run. i told myself a short was already 9. ada wasn't asleep. but i decided to do it anyways. and bob reminded me that i don't have to put ada to sleep. he can do it too. remember that anne! so i went out. i usually do 1/4 mile warm up and 1/4 cool down. but i really wanted this to be a fast run. so i did one block warm up and then ran my usual mile loop. so i ended up doing 1.5 miles. which rocked! it was starting to get dark out. the clouds were threatening. and i didn't want to do it. oh. em. gee! i totally rocked it and had my personal best time for a mile (11.52) and really really enjoyed myself. i had this fantastic voice in my head that when i slowed down they asked me why i need to slow down and it turns out i was just lazy and was...reverting to a slow pace (which i think will work to my advantage in the half hahaha) so i would pick up the pace again. i even did this up hill! anaconda is built on a hill. so i run west first (uphill) and then come back east. i live at the east end of town so i just keep running further into town. it works out and i'm happy to get the "hard" part done first. but if you look at my nike log...the second half is my slow half. oh well.

in other news, ada has been sleeping better at night. she's still waking up, but not every 15 minutes. i'm also working on her putting herself back to sleep. so i look at the clock and she has 8 minutes to cry. if she's still crying, i get up and get her now. 8 minutes because i've noticed if she's cried that long, then she's not going to sleep. usually it's less than 6 minutes. now i give myself the timer because otherwise i feel compelled to get her up. so hopefully we're getting back to sleep nation! although she wakes herself up at 6, she's been going back to sleep until 9:30 or 10. it's GREAT! yay ada!

she is also crawling which is making my days busier. but lots of fun.

i'm trying to get some booties done this weekend for bobs coworker. we'll see how that goes. and i'm working on a hat for ada. then i think i'll start her sweater...the owlet. hopefully it's ready for fall :) otherwise ellie belly will get a fall sweater. ha!

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